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Posted on: April 28, 2010

My Kokom

Hello friends! I want to tell you abaout My Pet.

Kokom is my playful pet. It is a cat. It likes playing with anything. It sometimes plays with me. It likes playing with a ball very much. It is very clever, but sometimes it is very naughty.
My Kokom is not very big. It is medium. It has soft fur. Its fur is grey and white. Kokom has a long tail. Its eyes are round. It looks cute. It is always near me. I love it very much.

My rabbit
Hello friends! I want to tell you about My Rabbits.

I have two rabbits, they are so cute. I got them at petshop when lebaran holiday. The rabbits have sweet gray and brown fur, red eyes, small mouth, small nose, big and short tail. They eat grasses, carrots, vegetables, melons, guavas, and bananas. They are the female and the male. Their name is Bubu and Tutul. Tutul is bigger than Bubu. Because from my argument is the male rabbit is older then the female rabbit. Although Bubu is younger then Tutul, she can jump to out from their cage which was made from bamboos. And the cage, I got from my neighbor who the time ago also had rabbit, but it death. I am waiting to have the rabbit babies, so I can give or sell to my friends. They are very want to have the rabbits. I keep love my rabbits very much, now until that time.


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